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Albert Stern is a healer, artist, and instructor. He practices acupuncture, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral therapy. He creates anatomical illustrations and fine art paintings. He is also an acupuncture instructor and teaches at various schools and facilities. He works with the Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine and Peak Research Institute. 


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The Growing Research of Light Therapy

Albert Stern

For many years now the connection between mood and sunlight has been recognized. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a condition where low exposures to sunlight create symptoms of low energy, sluggishness, and depression. Various forms of light therapy have been proven to relieve the symptoms of this condition. Once the connection between light and mood was established it seems obvious. Lack of sunlight over long periods of time can be depressing. 

Researchers are beginning to look deeper into the health benefits of light. The author, Katherine Hobson, wrote a great overview of the topic for the (stunningly beautiful) website, Ms. Hobson's article, "Take Light, Not Drugs" reviews the current state of light therapy, aka phototherapy. 

The article touches on the new areas researchers are exploring with phototherapy, namely post-partum depression and Alzheimer’s disease. 

It is fascinating to read. The whole article can be found: here.


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Words Matter: "The Mentally Ill" vs "People With Mental Illness"

Albert Stern

I am very deliberate with the words I choose when writing about people and diseases. I am very conscious to say, "a person with a cancer diagnosis," rather than, "a person with cancer." I choose this because it emphasizes the individual person over the disease. An area where word-choice is particularly important is the topic of mental illness.

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Thrilled for the Exoskeleton Revolution in Healthcare

Albert Stern

We will live in a world where those with lower spine injuries or disabilities will not need wheelchairs. Advances in exoskeleton technology for medical use is advancing rapidly. 

Three years ago, Ekso Bionics unveiled a product to allow a person with lower-extremity paralysis to walk at the cost of $110,000. A year ago, ReWalk worked with veterans on a suit costing $70,000. Last week, US Biotics debuted The Phoenix, costing $40,000. 

The technology is rapidly improving. Watch! 

There is an entire International Robotics For Good Competition. It is filled with jaw-dropping projects such as: brain controlled wheel chairs, guidance systems for the blind, and exoskeletons for children with neurologic disorders. There is so much great work being done. 

These projects make me so excited and thrilled for the future! 

The young girl in this video has cerebral palsy, she says, "I want to be able to do what everybody else would do." 

It is just a matter of time...and she will. 


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[Note: The image at the top of this post is a promotional photograph from USBiotics]

Microscopic Connections Help Explain Acupuncture

Albert Stern

Many healing systems, such as acupuncture, speak of the entire body being connected. This is often difficult to imagine. This video below is part of a DVD which explores the microscopic connections just beneath the skin.

The video shows the tissue called fascia. This tissue wraps and connects all parts of the body. It shows millions of little, tiny lines of connection and tension throughout the body. Pull on one little and it effects many, many others. 

There are longer youtube videos on this subject too. But even this short video allows one to start to appreciate the incredible complexity and beauty of our bodies. 


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Animation Alert! How the Brain Makes Memories

Albert Stern

The video below was created by Sohail Al-Jamea an animator and designer from the Washington DC area. He has created work for clients such as CNN, ABC, and NBC.  

I am enchanted by the pacing and visual language used in this video. Ideas such as memory are so complex to communicate well. The clarity and simplicity of this two-minute video is wonderful.

Plus some talk about amnesia too! Check it out! 

To see more work by Sohail Al-Jamea jump to his vimeo page. 

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