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Albert Stern is a healer, artist, and instructor. He practices acupuncture, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral therapy. He creates anatomical illustrations and fine art paintings. He is also an acupuncture instructor and teaches at various schools and facilities. He works with the Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine and Peak Research Institute. 


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I Took a Month Off

Albert Stern

I took a month off from posting. I was very wrapped up in preparing for my presentation for the Lotus Institute. I was grateful for the break but I am super happy to be back. 

The Lotus presentation went really well. It was the largest project and presentation I ever put together. (It was eight hours long!) I have to admit I was a little nervous about the length. Normally I would practice a major talk. But it is really hard to practice an eight-hour presentation because, you know, you need a free eight hours! Nevertheless, it all went really well and I made some new friends out in Los Angeles!

The second half of the summer is filled with exciting events too. I will be a teaching assistant for a visceral manipulation workshop, I will start teaching gentle yoga classes, and a whole lot more! 

Stay tuned.   

Acupuncture Corrects Breech Position During Pregnancy

Albert Stern

The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published a study online titledAcupuncture version of breech presentation: a randomized placebo-controlled single-blinded trial

The research looks at 259 pregnant women with a child in the breech position. Half of the women were given an acupuncture technique for correcting the position and the other half a placebo technique. The results were great! The women who received the acupuncture treatment had the position corrected 37.7% of the time vs 28.7% for the placebo group.

The conclusion of the study states,

"Our study suggests that acupuncture and heating on acupoint BL67 promotes fetal cephalic version. Further studies might investigate effectiveness of other protocols including stimulation of others acupoints by trained acupuncturists and self-administration of moxibustion."

This specific technique called moxibustion. This is a process of gently heating an acupuncture point. In the case of breech position the point which is heated is on the little toe. 

I have performed this technique in the past with a number of clients. It has worked every time!


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"Tell Me About Acupuncture" - Roger Ebert

Albert Stern

I stumbled across this and found it very interesting. In 2012, less than a year before he passed away, movie critic Robert Ebert wrote an article asking his readers to, "Tell me about acupuncture."

Mr. Ebert had just reviewed a documentary movie,  "Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare." In the movie, a man experiences a great deal of pain relief from acupuncture treatments. Mr. Ebert was diagnosed with cancer at the time was experiencing significant shoulder pain. He wrote, " you think acupuncture holds any promise for me?" and "Give me your best advice. Have you tried acupuncture? Has it helped?" The comments are the usual blend of opinions you might expect. 

There is no follow up regarding if he did indeed try acupuncture for his pain. It appears he was quite ill at the time and it may not have been a priority. However, if anyone knows more about Mr. Ebert's interest in acupuncture I would be happy to learn about his experience. 

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