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Albert Stern is a healer, artist, and instructor. He practices acupuncture, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral therapy. He creates anatomical illustrations and fine art paintings. He is also an acupuncture instructor and teaches at various schools and facilities. He works with the Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine and Peak Research Institute. 


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Five Ways STAR WARS Teaches Us Acupuncture Theory

Albert Stern

George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, was greatly influenced by Eastern philosophy and culture. Many basic tenets of acupuncture can be seen in these movies. Each item below is a saying from a core acupuncture text paired with a famous statement from the Star Wars movies.

1. "Where Qi Gathers There is Life"

Obi-wan Kenobi states that the Force is the energy of all living things. Like the Force, in traditional acupuncture it is stated, "where Qi gathers there is life." This fact is true in our bodies, on our planet, and in a galaxy far, far way. 

2. “Yin and Yang Struggle to Control Each Other.”

Health depends on a balance of Yin (the cool, passive aspects) and Yang (the warm, active aspects) of the body. One cannot exist without the other. Just like the Light and Dark sides of the Force - the two are always struggling against each other. Yoda states, "There is always two. No more. No Less."

3.  "Mental Irritation Leads to Dysfunction of the Free Flow of Qi"

Yoda states, "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." In acupuncture anger, frustration, and fear damage the flow of Qi. The damaged flow of Qi creates poor health and spirit. Episodes 1-3 of Star Wars, show us Anakin Skywalker succumbing rather dramatically to this very fact. 

4. "Quieting the Spirit Nourishes the Qi."

Yoda and Obi-wan Kenobi teach Luke the importance of a still and quiet mind. Throughout acupuncture, it is stated that a quiet spirit nourishes the Qi.

5.  "Essence is the Root of the Body"

At the heart of both the Force and acupuncture is the notion that we are all more than our physical bodies. Yoda states we are "Luminous Beings". Acupuncture states at our root is "Essence."

Keep an eye out for more acupuncture lessons in the new movie, The Force Awakens! 

May the Force be with you! 


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Sources: All images and quotes are trademarked by Lucasfilm Ltd. Acupuncture quotes are derived from Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion Revised Edition and Statements of Fact in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Perfectly Timed, I Needed to Hear This

Albert Stern

As a person who: practices acupuncture, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, massage, writes, teaches, illustrates, paints, gives presentations, designs websites, and creates animated videos - I really am thrilled to learn about Emilie Wapnick and her work. 

Emilie has developed the idea of Multipotentialites.

Multipotentialites are people who do not have one true calling in life. Instead, a Multipotentialite has many interests and talents spanning large areas of interest. I am very excited to read all the information on her site,

I think we are all like this. I think we all have a wide range of skills, interests and gifts to share. 

If you are interested, a good place to start is Emilie's TedX talk. 

The Beautiful Dancing of David Rakoff

Albert Stern

David Rakoff was a Thurber Prize–winning humorist most well known for his work on This American Life. He passed away three years ago, much too young, at the age of 47. 

A new post-humorous collection of his work was released this year, The Uncollected David Rakoff. 

I was lucky enough to see David perform at one of the many live shows This American Life has produced over the years. He was wonderful. 

The news of the newly published work reminded me of his last performance on stage for This American Life. David was also a trained dancer. Because of his illness he could only use one arm at the time.

He combines grace, power, sadness, and frailty all in one performance.  

It is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. 

I started the video at the dancing, but the entire clip is worth watching.