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2900 W 44th Ave
Denver, CO, 80211
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Albert Stern is a healer, artist, and instructor. He practices acupuncture, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral therapy. He creates anatomical illustrations and fine art paintings. He is also an acupuncture instructor and teaches at various schools and facilities. He works with the Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine and Peak Research Institute. 

Conditions Treated

Common Conditions Treated
If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact me.

Additional Areas of Focus

Cancer Support: I have specific training to support those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. The goal of this work is to: 1) keep the body strong and resilient, 2) counteract the possible side effects of oncology therapy, and 3) ease physical and emotional stressors to allow the body to restore and sleep.

Acupuncture and bodywork is recognized as an important adjunctive therapy for those with a cancer diagnosis including: Cancer Centers of America, The National Cancer Institute, the Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America, and University of Colorado Hospital. Not all cancer diagnosis are appropriate for acupuncture. I review and consider each case individually. 

For me the three most useful aspect of my work for those with a cancer diagnosis are: 

  • Aiding Digestion - Maintaining a healthy appetite and elimination is essential. In order to remain strong, one must be nourished. Elimination is equally important. Regular bowel movements remove toxins from the body and eases the entire system. 
  • Decreased Pain - Hands on work can be gentle and soothing. All of the techniques I practice are geared towards reducing pain. Total or even partial relief of pain allows the body to relax and allow for deeper healing to take place. 
  • Stress Relief - understandably a cancer diagnosis can create additional stress for the body. Combating the effects of this stress allows the body to focus energy on the combating the primary diagnosis and healing. 

Autoimmune Conditions:

I collaborate with two other healthcare professionals in supporting those with an autoimmune diagnosis. We work in as integrated team address the whole person: body, mind, and heart. For more information please the AIM Autoimmune Page.

Common conditions we work with include: multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, celiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease, and fibromyalgia.